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Juan L. Cherry


Pastor Juan Cherry grew up in Fayetteville, NC and graduated from Shelby High School.  He then attended undergraduate school at North Carolina A&T State University where he gave his life to Christ on January 18, 1987.  He received his Master of Arts in School Counseling at Gardner Webb University and currently wears many hats in his everyday life.  Not only is he the Pastor and founder of New Creation Christian Center, he works in education as a School Counselor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentors and actively serves our community.


MAN II Man, Inc. Mentoring Program

Wired For Success Communications & Consulting


Served on: 

Community Math Academy Board

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

Dover YMCA Board

Leadership Cleveland County




Wired For Success

So You Want To Be A Mentor

MAN II Man Mentoring Curriculum 

Intentional Design (Soon to be Published)



At some point, we either have or will experience what it means to be stuck. We can be stuck in a job, a relationship, a mentality or a particular stage in life. The thing that makes being stuck more difficult is the realization that there was some degree of progress before we got to this point. We are between what was and what can be.
Being stuck is a place of contemplation. It's the opportunity to acknowledge where and why we're here. The reality is, regrets don't solve problems and wishes don't change situations. True acknowledgement creates movement.
This book will help you realize there is always a move, and all moves begin with a decision. You will be motivated to pursue an unlimited, unhindered and uninhibited life that begins by choosing to live Unstuck!


Wired For Success

What would your life look like if you actively pursued God’s purpose for your life?  This workshop will help you discover the area(s) in which you are  "wired" to succeed and identify the next steps in your process. We will also look at some of the common reasons hardworking, well-intentioned people struggle to experience success. You will leave with the understanding of what it means to be equipped to fulfill what you have been created to accomplish!


What Is BowTime?
- BowTime videos are 60 second clips designed to motivate and encourage  

  people to do something about their current situation.

- We want to be a constant reminder that there is someone in this great big 

  world that believes in them, their ability and uniqueness. 

- We take everyday circumstances and situations and spin them. We try take 

  what people know and show it to them in a different way to give them a 

  different perspective.


"I believe when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. I talk about something we all know from a perspective we may not have previously considered."- Juan L. Cherry



The role of a mentor is difficult to describe and the concept of mentoring can be elusive to grasp. A mentor's value, however, can be assessed. Their value is readily determined by either their presence or absence. If you've had a mentor , a good one, you know how important that person was. If you have not, you may not fully realize what your life has lacked. Mentors are an extra set of eyes, ears, hands and feet. We gain wisdom, strength and direction from their experience. We receive these benefits minus the heartache, disappointment and loss associated with the process. Some are coaches, big brothers or sisters, teachers, neighbors, barbers, sports fans, or members of the faith or business community. They may look, dress, and even speak differently but they all have one thing in common. They've used something they have to make another person do something or become someone they possiblly would not have become without assisstance. "So You Want to Be a Mentor" was written to help the reader get actrively involved in making a difference in the life of someone who needs him.

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